Brad Pitt-Gwyneth Paltrow’s confession of love after 25 years! ‘She came to me crying’ – Magazine News – The list of women with Julia Ormond to Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston to Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt is quite extensive. It is safe to say that women who have left their mark on their era and who have accomplished successful things have had a long, sometimes very troubled relationship with Brad Pitt. Nowadays, … Read more

‘We feed from the same river’ – Culture and Art News

Sere Sahinlar On the one hand, Muzaffar Akiol, with his paintings which eats up the ancient tradition and creates their own myths in his half-century of artistic adventures; Gay Sue Achiol, on the other hand, expresses an entirely new language inspired by its roots, with its woolen woven carpets and ceramic sculptures, which, like its … Read more

Pay attention if there is pain, swelling and restlessness in the legs

Noting that varicose veins are seen at the same rate in men and women, but women apply more to the hospital, Dr. Erdoুan noted that varicose veins are a disorder commonly seen in the legs and it occurs when the veins in the legs become visible on the skin as a result of growth. Emphasizing … Read more

Be careful if you decide to become a mother! 10 Important Pre-Pregnancy Tips

Gynecologist and obstetrician said. “Pregnancy is like a marathon,” says Bodur Ozturk. The more you prepare physically and spiritually for the adventurous work of motherhood before you start a marathon, the more you will be able to pass this process in a healthy way. About half of all pregnancies in the world are unplanned and … Read more

This game will raise more ‘dust’

Sehan Akinchi – “Dust.” It was like breaking glass when needed. It turns out I needed to hear Handan’s voice. Now is not the time, I say the tears sitting in tears. I look at the woman next to me, trying not to show with the back of my hand, wipes the wetness from the … Read more

Konya students go to their school by safe bicycle path.

With the application just started by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, students in the Konya Bicycle City will now be able to cycle safely to school. With its exemplary practice in Konya, the city with the longest bicycle path network in Turkey with 550 kilometers, the Konya Metropolitan Municipality has launched the “Safe School Roads Project” … Read more

Neighbors came running screaming! He grumbled as if the barbecue was on fire

The incident took place on January 12 at the site of Erguvan Anatolia, in the district of Dalune. Erkan Amiroglu went to her home to talk to Elvan Sozkesen, a mother of two, whom he divorced last year after 10 years of marriage. Emeroglu, who was upstairs on the 7th floor, waited for Sozkesen without … Read more

Cem Bölükbaşı met Ata College – Motor Sports students

Cem Bölükbaşı, who embarked on his professional racing career after winning a championship in sports, conducted an interview with Ata College students. The young pilot also gives advice to the students while answering their questions. In Cem Bölükbaşı’s conversation, Demiroren Holding Board members Erdogan Demiroren, Semal Demiroren, Ata College General Manager M. Fahretin Eldek and … Read more

Parents beware! It exploded during the semester break …

Gulshah Karaman / – It adds new ones to its YouTube channels every day that lock on the children’s screen. Although a small portion of these channels create content that focuses on the psychological development of children, many of them present harmful content to children with the concern of making money or becoming famous. … Read more