The rate of application of the criteria set out in the best interests of the child is zero percent.

President of the Turkish Bar Association Union R. Erin Saqqan attended a conference on the fight against child abuse in Erzurum. Sakan said they examined the best interests of the child in 52 cases from 7 regions in their project and said, “We have seen that the rate at which all the criteria set out … Read more

TBB President: The standards set out in the policy of the best interests of the child have not been applied in all cases.

A ‘Combating Child Abuse’ conference was organized by the Sadet Teachers Association for Committing Child Abuse (UCİM), a union of the Turkish Bar Association, and Ataturk University. Speaking at a conference at the National Will Hall on July 15, UCİM President Sadet Ozkan spoke about the abuse he had committed while working at a village … Read more