Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Sebi’s most weighty speech! – Besiktas (BJK) News

Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nour Çebi said of the Dutch striker Wout Weghorst, whose name is mentioned with Beşiktaş, “We will try to transfer more. The most important of these is the striker. The handshake. Only the family process and its guesswork. “I’m sure there are offers he’s waiting for. We are told that we have … Read more

Transfer offer for Uğurcan akır! Here is the expectation of the testimonial of Trabjanspor … – Trabjanspor

Attempts to relocate to Trabjanspore under the management of Abdullah Avisi gained momentum. Uğurcan Çakır, one of the names whose burgundy-blue future remains uncertain, has a huge suit. The transfer fee requested by the Black Sea Giants for Uğurcan Çakir has become clear. Details here … Puchakaja, Nawakayem, Abdurrahim left! Abdul Qadir’s passenger Following the … Read more

Last Moment: The race between Jackson Muleka Besiktas and Galatasara is hot! Official Bid Claim …

class = “medianet-inline-adv”> Muleka, who moved to Caspiana on a standard lease on loan during the interim transfer, became the most effective attacking player in a short time when he took the Super League by storm. Direct contribution to 17 goals The Congolese striker, who has played 14 matches in the Super League Kasımpaşa jersey, … Read more

Confession of the champion ALG Spore Hasan Bhural! ‘We had the slightest doubt’

ALG Spor has been the champion in the Turkish Women’s Super League for the 2021-2022 season. Representative of Gaziantep, who has achieved great success; Standing among well-established clubs such as Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş, Galatasaray and Trabzonspor, he made a name for himself and declared his victory by defeating Karagumruk 2-1 at the Mustafa Denizli Alsankak Stadium … Read more

The eyes of the world on Konya! Winner of the title ‘World Sports Capital’

The metropolitan municipality, which stands by the people of Konya, is also popular for its investment and achievements in sports. Although the spirit of fair play, perception of peace and brotherhood was present in the culture of Konya city before, Konya Metropolitan Municipality is working hard to train new athletes, introduce sports to people of … Read more

Last minute: Surprise transfer from Batuhan Karadeniz! The team has toured, coming back …

class = “medianet-inline-adv”> Batuhan Karadeniz, one of the most influential names in Turkish football, continues his tour of the team. The veteran striker, who signed a 2-year deal with Iğdır FK at the start of the 2021-22 season, has decided to leave the club. Batuhan Karadeniz, who plays for Igdar FK, a team in the … Read more

Trabzonspor Transfer Show Begins! – Trabzonspor (TS) News

Trabzonspor, who want to retain their unforgettable league championship title next season in the Super League and achieve successful results by staying in the Champions League, the No. 1 organization in Europe in terms of clubs, exploded its first transfer bomb yesterday. In Bordeaux-Mavilla, it was announced that negotiations for 4 football players had begun … Read more

Good news for Obradovich’s team who decided to leave the league!

There has been a warm development about Zeljko Obradovich, who is well known in Fenerbahce and Turkish basketball. Obradovic’s side, who have decided to withdraw from the Serbian Basketball League play-offs to prevent hooliganism, have received news from the Eurolig. Obradovic: “If I have a problem, I understand.”The legendary head coach of the Serbian team, … Read more

Agreed to transfer to Fenerbahce! Traumatic injury, came out crying – Fenerbahce

Fenerbahce began preparations for the 2022-2023 season under the management of George Jesus and the transfer effort gained momentum. The yellow-dark blue club first signed Lincoln Henrique, then brought Bruma to Istanbul. Bruno Henrique, with whom Fenerbahce had a deal to transfer, suffered a serious injury last night. 4-year signature from Lincoln HenrikFenerbahce’s first transfer … Read more