Brad Pitt-Gwyneth Paltrow’s confession of love after 25 years! ‘She came to me crying’ – Magazine News – The list of women with Julia Ormond to Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston to Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt is quite extensive. It is safe to say that women who have left their mark on their era and who have accomplished successful things have had a long, sometimes very troubled relationship with Brad Pitt. Nowadays, … Read more

Horrible thing! The crushed boy’s urethra ruptured due to the pressure of the minibus

5-year-old Yusuf Tekli was playing with his friends around his house in Esenyurt on May 17, 19.10. As the car passed over the little boy’s stomach, his family and the people around him came forward to rescue the groaning boy. Father Sheriff Tekley, who works in the evening textile, and the ambulance was notified. An … Read more

Parents beware! It exploded during the semester break …

Gulshah Karaman / – It adds new ones to its YouTube channels every day that lock on the children’s screen. Although a small portion of these channels create content that focuses on the psychological development of children, many of them present harmful content to children with the concern of making money or becoming famous. … Read more

Tips for a good relationship – Relationships

Because of human existence, he cannot live without love, indifference and most importantly attachment. At the heart of the relationship is the desire to bond. Mentioning where and when we will make this connection, Psk said it has progressed programmatically since our childhood. Serhat Özmen points out the importance of maintaining a good relationship as … Read more

Like Starfish – Basketball – Sports News

UMIT AVCI – Interview Nekati Guler is one of the most iconic names in Turkish basketball. When a good quarterback is still on the agenda, “Is he as good as Nekati Gullar?” Is called. His educational life, his coaching and management were very brilliant. Last year, he rolled up his sleeves for a new job, … Read more