Brad Pitt-Gwyneth Paltrow’s confession of love after 25 years! ‘She came to me crying’ – Magazine News – The list of women with Julia Ormond to Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston to Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt is quite extensive. It is safe to say that women who have left their mark on their era and who have accomplished successful things have had a long, sometimes very troubled relationship with Brad Pitt. Nowadays, … Read more

‘Forbidden love’ madness! He hid his body in a septic tank for 40 years. – Farmer David Venebles led a simple married life with his wife, Brenda Venebles. Jewelry gift Until 1982, when David Venebles reported to the police that his wife was missing. After the disappearance, police launched a massive search for Brenda Venebals. Many vehicles, including helicopters, were used in the search operation. Lakes and rivers … Read more

Miray Daner: I didn’t expect it to attract so much attention – Magazine News

Mire Daner, who started acting at the age of seven, was able to make a name for herself in the TV series “Medsejir”, “Vatanim Sensin” and “Samman”. Mire Daner, who starred in the “Black Board” series, now on TRT 1, appeared on the cover of Re-Touch Mag magazine in May. The 23-year-old beauty said that … Read more

Love is the attraction of the opposite character … which makes the relationship more emotional

They are excited about their new job. In a short time, they became friends for 40 years. They get together by looking into each other’s eyes. They joke at every opportunity. Ilaida Alison is both beautiful and very beautiful with her colorful eyes and her flattering body. It is not in vain that Burak Yaruk … Read more

Last Moment: Sports Writers Evaluate Trabjanspar Championship – Trabjanspar

And Trabzonspor Spor Toto has announced the championship in the Super League. After being applauded for the football they have played since the start of the season, Bordeaux reached a happy ending with a 2-2 draw with the Blues Antalispor where 1 point would be enough for the championship. Sports writers have evaluated Trabzonspor’s championship. … Read more

Harry’s confession to Nalan marked the girl in the glass series! Despite the efforts of the ferries … – Magazine News

‘Girl in the Glass’, adapted from the novel Gulseren Budaisioglu of the same name and shared by Burku Birikik (Nalan) and Fayaz Sherifoglu (Sedat) and told a real life story, appeared in the audience on Thursday, the 14th. April episode. Nalan’s head and emotions are also mixed In the final episode of the ‘Girl in … Read more